Fertilizing with Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Fertilizing for Zoysia GrassOne of the newest items in our store is an organic product called Turf Thrive. In cooperation with plant fertilizers to improve your lawn, Turf Thrive works by adding living organisms to the soil called mycorrhizal fungi. What are these, you ask?

Mycorrhizal fungi are an important part of the soil life. They attach themselves to the roots of your grass, effectively making the roots longer. The fungi help your roots absorb more water and nutrients from further away. Lack of water and nutrients can cause stunted growth and brown patches, so the fungi are very important for the health of your lawn.

The fungi are beneficial in other ways. They help your plants fight against toxins and other contaminates in the soil. They also help protect against overly acidic soil and make the plant more resistant to diseases. Think of the fungi as your lawn’s best friend.

Usually mycorrhizal fungi occur naturally in the soil. However, if the soil has been tampered with, including tilling, removal of topsoil, erosion and the application of fertilizer, fungicide or pesticide, the normal fungi in the soil can be affected. Turf Thrive returns these natural fungi that overworked soil has lost. It is not a full replacement for a plant fertilizer, but a compliment to it – Think of them as the dynamic duo of healthy lawns.


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2 Responses to “Fertilizing with Mycorrhizal Fungi”

  1. JatPat Says:

    July 26th, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    I live in Orlando, FL and have Zoysia in my yard. I had it sodded in March this year. It has developed these brown patches in the front yard. To give you a perspective, my house faces South and therefore I have sun on the front lawn almost the entire day.
    Interestingly, before I mowed the lawn, the entire lawn looked green (I couldn’t spot any of the brown patches that you see in the picture). I could only see it after I mowed the lawn yesterday. I normally keep about 2.5″ – 3″ of mowing height on my lawn with the fear that my lawn might die if I mow it too low.
    Another point that I would like to mention which may not be important, is that while mowing yesterday, my lawn mower could not keep up with the torque required to cut the grass and stalled a few times.
    Can anybody help me understand what could be possibly wrong with the lawn and how to eliminate the brown patches?

    Till date, I have fertilized my lawn once in May with a starter fertilizer that had Phosphorous (N-P-K) in it.
    I have also sprayed Ortho Weed B-Gone once in June on the lawn.

  2. admin Says:

    July 31st, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    JatPat – You want want to contact the people you purchased the Zoysia from. Without seeing the pictures it is difficult to say, but we suspect Brown Patch Fungus (commonly called brown spot) could be the issue. We have an [organic fungicide](http://www1.zoysiafarms.com/prodspec.jsp?id=16F7&cat=30) that would treat the brown spot. Most home and garden centers will have similar products as well.

    2.5 to 3 inches is about what we keep our grass here on the farm so it will not hurt the grass to keep this tall but hot moist conditions are ideal for fungus growth and might be too long for Florida at this time of year.

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