Let’s Hear About Your Zoysia Lawn!

posted on June 26th, 2019 by

In the winter months in Maryland, it is tough on Zoysia lovers like us as our Zoysia has been dormant for quite some time. We would like to see your beautiful, established Zoysia lawns. We want to hear your stories about how your Zoysia got started. Was it slow to take off but has turned into the most beautiful lawn since? Were you skeptical at first about the many benefits of Zoysia? Did you plant it on your own, or was your lawn already Zoysia when you moved in your home? We would love to hear your stories. Please take a moment of your time to tell us about your Zoysia experience. Feel free to include a picture of your Zoysia lawn this summer for all to see the perks of having an appealing Zoysia lawn. 

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