Maintaining Your Zoysia Lawn for Fall

posted on August 21st, 2012 by

A good time to do a little maintenance on your Zoysia lawn is just prior to the start of the fall season. One issue to watch for is thatch build up. Zoysia’s tough stem tissue can encourage thatch, a layer of partially decomposed plant material that builds up on the soil. Removing it helps water and nutrients get to the surface of the soil. Use a hard rake to rip up the thatch, this can be a bit of a workout, or try our easy to apply organic liquid thatch remover.

Aerating is the process of poking holes in the soil to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to better penetrate to the roots of your lawn. This can be done up to once per season to keep your grass looking great. Make sure the ground is softened by watering the day before aerating. Use an aerator with hollow tines (most equipment rental stores will have them) and criss-cross your lawn putting at least 12 holes per square foot. Make sure not to aerate your lawn during dry, drought conditions when the soil is particularly hard.

Unlike cold weather grasses, Zoysia is best fertilized in the spring, not the fall. Zoysia starts to harden in preparation for the cold weather and fertilizing after August can hinder that natural process.

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4 comments on “Maintaining Your Zoysia Lawn for Fall

  1. I want to order Zoysia for my home in Crystal River, Florida. It gets cold at times in the middle of winter, but doesn’t freeze there. However, I only live there from October to April. So I want to get the plugs in October when it is still quite warm, so I can get them established by the time I leave in the spring. Your website says that you ship whenever you decide is the best time. I’m not OK with not knowing when the plugs are coming. What is the solution to this??

  2. Doug – Give our customer service a call at 410-756-2311 and we’ll help you with your plugs!

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