Organic Lawn Care

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As we learn more and more about how to best take care of the earth around us, here are a few tips on how to make lawn care more eco-friendly.


Most grasses only require an inch of water per week, and with zoysia grass, that is even less. Be wary of how much you are watering; too much can be bad for your lawn and your wallet.

To give the grass the water it needs, water in the early morning or evening so that less evaporation occurs. Also, think about using rain barrels to reduce dependence on your town or city’s water source. It can also save you money.


While electric mowers can save gas emissions, they still use up energy resources. Try using a reel mower. While older reel mowers might have a bad reputation, newer reel mowers have sharp blades and cut just as well as electric


Next time you think to buy fertilizer for your lawn, consider leaving lawn clippings. Lawn clippings can provide as a great natural fertilizer and don’t cause thatch buildup.


When adding nutrient to alter your soil, make sure that you are using organic products like organic lime or elemental sulfur. This will help your soil absorb sunlight and water the appropriate way, ultimately conserving resources.

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  1. Hudson Valley Organic Lawn Services Says:

    August 23rd, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Thanks for the tips to consider. Fresh Water seems to be one of the key ingredients to a healthy lawn along with good fertilizers.

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