Tools for Your Zoysia Lawn

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Tools for Your Zoysia LawnOnce you’ve decided to grow Zoysia grass in your yard, it’s time to plan for planting and maintaining your grass plugs. Knowing the right tools and how to use them can help you create a luxurious lawn that is easy to maintain!

Where to Begin When Planting and Maintaining Your Zoysia Lawn
Using the most efficient tools to care for your Zoysia lawn will save you both time and energy, while leaving your lawn in the best shape possible for you and your family to enjoy.

Listed below are tools you may want to use while establishing your Zoysia lawn:

Planting Grid – Create a planting grid to help aid you disperse your plugs during the planting process.

Step-On Plugger – Cut away unwanted growth while digging a hole for your plugs.

Amazoy Bulb Planter – Leave soil loose for easy planting of bulbs and plugs.

Shears – Cut and separate Zoysia grass plugs.

Easy Edge – Keep grass from creeping into walkways and flowerbeds. Read about the benefits of lawn edging.

Gloves – Protect and cushion palms and fingertips while working outside.

Moisture Meter – Use for on the spot moisture measurement.

pH meter – Measure the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. Read about the benefits of monitoring your soil.

Trowel – Use for moving yard material.

Planting a new lawn takes time, but once your Zoysia lawn is established, you’ll be left with a green, lush, and cushioned lawn. By following establishing your Zoysia lawn with regular care, you will keep it healthy and looking its best.

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