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Zoysia Farms Getting Ready for 2021

Every New Year is greeted with great expectation.  Some years produce unexpected twists and turns along the way (we’re talking …


Chill out or Not?

As the cold weather has set in and the holidays are in full swing, you may be thinking that it …


Zoysia Chores Before Winter

            At this time of year, your Zoysia grass has probably started to turn a brownish-yellowish color; however, do not …


Removing the Core

One of the best things you can do for any lawn, including a Zoysia lawn, is aeration.  Aeration of your …


Are You Going Nuts from Nutsedge?

            Are you having problems with nutsedge in your lawn? Nutsedge, also known as nutgrass, can be difficult to control. …


Achieving a Healthier Lawn, the Easy Way

            Have you ever taken the time to figure out the characteristics of your lawn? Does the area get more …

Grass DNA

The Right One for You

As homeowners, our goal is to not only keep our lawns alive and vibrant, but also to help sustain our …


Gimme Nutrients

Lawn fertilizer works with important nutrients in grasses and plants. If you want a high quality lawn, then you should …

pH meter

Soil Testing is Worth the Effort

It is helpful to check the pH of your ground before planting Zoysia or different grasses and plants. Also, check …

Zoysia Lawn image

Lawn and Order

            Zoysia is a very slow growing grass. Because of this, it reduces mowing by about two-thirds when compared to …

man mowing lawn

Stay Sharp

Start your growing season right by doing some quick and easy pre-season maintenance. One of the most used tools in …


Not So Lucky Clover Invasion

            Are you struggling to keep clover out of your lawn? White clover is a perennial, broadleaf weed that tends …