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Armyworms are native to the U.S. and more common in the South, but, they are not “really worms” they are the larval stage of a

… Let’s Talk Watering

Amazoy Zoysia is very draught resistant, but, in extreme cases needs to be watered. A few key things to keep in mind are the amounts

What are Fairy Rings?

A circular area of grass that is darker in color than the surrounding grass due to the growth of certain fungi. A partial circular ring can also occur.

Where and What is Canada Thistle?

The origination is believed to have come from the eastern Mediterranean region. This thistle is notorious for draining nutrients from the soil around them, so

National Arbor Day…

A day dedicated to planting of trees. The National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April; however many states observe the celebration

Fertilizer… (water soluble)

What is Fertilizer? A food for plants and lawns that contain a chemical substance that promotes growth and development. Straight granular fertilizer is not recommended

Easy Ordering…Options

Zoysia Farms Nurseries has several ways to make ordering the plugs, seed and other lawn products an easy task. Website is available 24 hours 7