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4 Ways to have a Lawn from Zoysia Farm Nurseries

You’ve decided Amazoy Zoysia is right for you, now what’s the best way to get your Zoysia Lawn.

Freestyle The least expensive and most flexible way to get a lawn. They are shipped as one solid 10″ x 15″ uncut sheet. The name Freestyle is just as it implies. The sheet can be cut anyway you wish to plant it, or plant as received, the solid sheet. This sheet will provide 150 freestyle plugs cut at a 1 inch x 1 inch plug.. Of course cutting at a 1″inch plug is quite labor intensive. The grass will take 2 – 3 growing seasons to completely fill in and spread. If you plant the plugs closer together you will have quicker fill in.

  • Easy planting
  • Usually a weekend project
  • Can be planted in your existing lawn that will transition to a Zoysia lawn
  • Cutting individual plugs is the hardest, most time consuming part

Super Plugs – Arrives in a tray of 15 pre-cut plugs each measuring approximately 3 x 3 inch square. Bigger plug, ready to plant. If planted 1 Super Plug every 12 inches, quicker fill in and spreading, approximately 1 – 2 growing seasons.

  • Very easy planting
  • Depending on size of area, usually can be planted in a day or less
  • Can be planted in your existing lawn
  • Hardest part is making the holes

The greatest benefit of plugs is Zoysia Farm Nurseries GUARANTEE they will grow in your yard. We have done the hard part by growing healthy plants in our fields. This guarantee applies to both Freestyle and Super Plugs. If any plug fails to produce new green shoots we replace it free of charge.

Seed – We are a certified dealer for Zenith Zoysia Seed. Seed planting is a little bit bigger project than planting plugs because of the area preparation.

  • Need to remove all vegetation before planting the area, prepare seed bed
  • Easy, convenient to spread seed
  • Germination within 21 – 27 days
  • Good coverage in 1 year, full lawn in 2 years.
  • No guarantee

Sod – Decision on Sod availability, usually, made annually in late May and is governed by availability.

  • Prepare sod bed with all vegetation removed
  • Fastest, immediate results
  • No guarantee
  • The most expensive solution

All are good DIY projects, but, an extra set of hands are always helpful.