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7 Fall Lawn Care Ideas


While caring for your lawn is a year round job there are a few tasks that you should tackle when the air is crisp and cool.  Warm weather grasses like Zoysia grow slowly and as growth slows down to a stop it is the perfect time to take a few steps to ensure a lush and green lawn for spring.  Here are seven tips to help achieve a better-looking, healthier lawn next year and one thing not to do.

  1. Keep the blades of your lawn mower sharp.  Dull mower blades tear your grass and leave a ragged edge that can turn brown. Make sure your mower has a razor sharp edge for that clean cut that leaves your lawn looking great
  2. Aerate your soil. Grass grows well in soil that is well aerated as it is able to better use water and fertilizer more efficiently.  Fall is a good time to aerate your lawn.
  3. Apply pre and post emergent herbicide.  Fall is the best time to kill those pesky weeds in their tracks before the seeds germinate and have time to develop. 
  4. Spot treat broadleaf weeds that are already established in your lawn.
  5. Mow your lawn one final time but make sure to not mow too low.  You never want to scalp your lawn as removing too much leaf can be harmful.
  6. Switch to a mulching blade or switch the setting on your lawn mower and mulch grass clippings into your lawn. This eliminates the extra work of bagging lawn clippings.  This can generally help to improve the soil, reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements. 
  7. Remove leaves from your lawn.  A thick layer of leaves keeps your lawn moist which can create a good environment for fungus to develop.

Zoysia grass is an easy grass to care for and following these seven tips can help you have the best and healthiest lawn on the block in the years ahead.

That one thing not to do – This is not a time to fertilize. Save that as a spring project next year!