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Achieving a Healthier Lawn, the Easy Way

            Have you ever taken the time to figure out the characteristics of your lawn? Does the area get more shade or sun? Is it primarily wet or dry? Does it have great soil? Does the yard even have grass in it? These questions can all be answered just by taking a little time out of your day to check up on your lawn. Identifying your lawn’s characteristics can help you to pick the best grass for your yard and make it healthy at the same time.

            The first step is to figure out your lawn’s characteristics. Once you have done that, identify if your lawn has great soil. For better growing results for your grass, you should till compost or a good garden soil into your native soil, which can be as simple as leaving fine grass clippings. Next, make sure that you choose the right turf grass for your lawn. To achieve the best benefits, always mow your grass at the recommended height. Following the watering procedure for your grass is also extremely important; be sure not to over-water or under-water depending upon the type of grass you have. Finally, fertilize your grass only when it needs it; do not over-fertilize.

            Zoysia can solve many issues that you may be dealing with in your lawn. While our Amazoy Zoysia will grow in almost all soil types, not all grasses will. Zoysia only needs at least 2-3 hours of direct sunlight in order to thrive. We recommend keeping it mowed between 1 ½” to 3” for the best results. Zoysia is also very drought-tolerant and does best if only watered a light mist every day for the first 3 weeks after planting. It will not do well in areas that are damp for a long period of time, but will work well on slopes. Lastly, it does best if fertilized in May, June, and September with a water-soluble fertilizer; granular fertilizers are harmful. Granules tend to sit on the leaves of the Zoysia and actually burn them.

While planting Zoysia has numerous benefits, it may not be the best choice for your lawn specifically. Take the time to learn the characteristics of your lawn, so you have a better chance of growing beautiful grass in the future.