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Amazoy Zoysia Grass and the Environment

Most people don’t realize that by planting Amazoy zoysia grass you are helping the man mowing lawnenvironment.

Lawns look beautiful but the environment issues are clear.  Mowing an ordinary lawn emits more pollution, per hour, into our atmosphere than eleven cars. We are seeing more water restrictions being implemented in our country. To keep an average lawn green it takes about lawn sprinkler2,000 gallons of water each time it’s watered. Chemicals from all of the fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that we apply to our lawns can end up in our waterways.

Amazoy zoysia grass is different. It is a very slow growing grass, therefore requires a lot less mowing than other types of lawns. The amount of pollution you are eliminating by planting zoysia grass alone is amazing.

Amazoy zoysia grass needs about 80% less water or rain than most grasses. The tap root of this grass can grow up to two feet in length, allowing Amazoy to reach many water sources that regular grasses cannot. The ability to reach these other water sources saves millions of gallons each day, as well as cutting the cost of your water bill.

The tight growth pattern of Amazoy zoysia grass makes it a very lush thick lawn. The thickness of the grass will prevent most weeds from germinating and will deter insects. With little or no need for herbicides and pesticides we can help keep these chemicals out of our waterways.

Amazoy zoysia lawn can save time, work and money, while helping our environment.