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Armyworms are native to the U.S. and more common in the South, but, they are not “really worms” they are the larval stage of a moth. They get their name “armyworm” because they march through an area like an “army” destroying as they go.

The moths will overwinter in the southern states and migrate north, east and west in the warmer months. These Armyworms chew on the blades of grass, but will not eat the roots and crown. They do not kill the grass immediately, but in just a couple of days it can turn brown and will make the grass more vulnerable to heat stress and can create other problems.

A few suggestions on ways to check for “armyworms” are to check while the sun is down to see them while they’re actively feeding in your lawn. When checking for armyworms during the daylight hours, you will need to sift through the loose soil around your plants–armyworm larvae will seek shelter there during the day. Or to check a more “natural” way pour lemon scented dish liquid dissolved in water till it is “soapy” and pour on the turf.

Zoysia is generally resistant to this type of pest. Heavy infestations can change a lawn.

To rid of any pests in your Zoysia lawn we recommend and carry Top Rated Triazicide Grub and Insect Killer.