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Can you identify the WEED in your lawn?

Zoysia grass like every lawn can have weeds, until the grass is dense enough to fight back. Because of the dense growth of Amazoy Meyer Zoysia it will eventually choke out summer weeds. Several weed types come to mind that are just a nuisance. Crabgrass, clover, and chickweed. We are going to touch on these 3 most common weed types. All are best to eliminate in early spring when they first appear.

Two types of weeds Grassy and Broadleaf. Common grassy weeds are just different types of grass, that are blade like. Broadleaf weeds have wide leaves and grow from a stem.

Crabgrass: It is an invasive grass that is very leggy, shaggy, almost resembles a crab like look. Appears in the spring anywhere there is bare soil, sun and water. Appears when temperatures are mid 50’s. Crabgrass will grow all summer long and will seed late summer.

Clover: Many, many types of clover, hundreds. Clover is a very aggressive spreader and is a broadleaf. It can be a fill in for your lawn in winter as a dense ground cover. If you do not want clover in your lawn remove it as soon as you see it. Clover is very easy to spot when zoysia is dormant.

common Clover

common Chickweed

Chickweed: This is also a broadleaf weed and very aggressive quick spreader, germinates fast, low growing about 2 inches in height. It can be very problematic, Taking over a lawn in no time, while stealing nutrients from your Zoysia lawn. Some people use chickweed as a homeopathic folk remedy.

Almost all weeds do produce seed that will become next year’s weeds. Killing weeds you see this year will help reduce the number you will see next year.