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Category: Dormancy

Zoysia Chores Before Winter

            At this time of year, your Zoysia grass has probably started to turn a brownish-yellowish color; however, do not panic! Zoysia goes dormant after

Issues with Zoysia Grass

Here at Zoysia Farms, we take pride in our Amazoy Zoysia that we grow. It can result in a beautiful low-maintenance lawn overtime and is

Zoysia Grass In The Fall

There may be changes in your Zoysia lawn with the approaching colder weather. As the ground temperatures slowly drop or we get a hard frost,

Preparing for Winter Dormancy

With the cold snap imminent, some of you are going to notice your grass turning a tawny-brown color. No need to worry, this is quite natural. Zoysia, like trees, goes dormant after the first hard frost — But instead of losing leaves, its green color fades.

Why is My Zoysia Grass Brown?

After the first hard frost, you may be wondering why your grass has started to turn a tawny-brown tone. You don’t need to worry! Zoysia