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Category: Fertilizer

Gimme Nutrients

Lawn fertilizer works with important nutrients in grasses and plants. If you want a high quality lawn, then you should use a fertilizer to supplement

Common Reasons that Zoysia Fails

Amazoy Meyer Zoysia is a very low-maintenance grass and there is little preparation needed before planting. Once it gets started, it will continue to spread

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

The time is here. The weather is warming and your grass is starting to green. To get your grass ready for a healthy, lush summer, there are a few maintenance tasks for you to do.

Granulated vs. Organic Fertilizer

Granulated fertilizer is good for grass, but bad for the environment. Zoysia Farms is very proud of only carrying products that let you enhance your lawn and garden naturally and safely.

Directions for Nutri-20 Fertilizer

Our Nutri-20 fertilizer helps you have a beautiful, lush green lawn. However, it doesn’t stop there. It will help you grow plumper, tastier tomatoes, sweeter