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How Many Plugs Do I Need

How Many Plugs Should One Buy? When you are ready to start your Amazoy zoysia lawn, the first thing you need to do is measure

Zoysia Lawn image

Choosing a Grass

    What is the right grass for you? With so many different types of grasses available, how do you know what grass is right for you?

Before and After Zoysia

One of the key reasons customers choose Zoysia is that it has the ability to grow in a variety of soil types, climates, geographical locations and outdoor applications from home lawns to golf courses.

Fun Zoysia Facts

Around here, we’re quite passionate about Zoysia. That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to helping others enjoy it! One of the reasons we love Zoysia so much is that it’s a very unique and special grass.

Zoysia: Not Just for Your Yard

Zoysia is a tough, hardy grass that thrives in a variety of conditions and environments. Its adaptability makes it ideal for home lawns because it requires little maintenance on the homeowner’s part and can withstand some extreme conditions. But did you know that Zoysia is also favored by golf course superintendents and caretakers of public lawns as well?

Zoysia: Grass for Every Climate

Zoysia is an especially resilient grass that grows well in a wide range of climates and conditions, and requires less watering and mowing than most