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How Many Plugs Do I Need

How Many Plugs Should One Buy? When you are ready to start your Amazoy zoysia lawn, the first thing you need to do is measure

Zoysia Lawn image

Choosing a Grass

    What is the right grass for you? With so many different types of grasses available, how do you know what grass is right for you?

Tools for Your Zoysia Lawn

Once you’ve decided to grow Zoysia grass in your yard, it’s time to plan for planting and maintaining your grass plugs. Knowing the right tools

Planting Zoysia Grass Plugs

Once you have ordered and received your Amazoy Zoysia grass plugs, your next step is the actual planting. With over five decades of experience in

Zoysia Grass: Seeds vs. Plugs

If you are considering purchasing zoysia for your lawn, you may be considering a few different options. In your research, you may find that zoysia