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Chill out or Not?

As the cold weather has set in and the holidays are in full swing, you may be thinking that it is time to relax when it comes to lawn care; however, there still might be a little more to do. November and December are the perfect times to work on some lawn maintenance that will ensure your lawn stays in as good of shape in the winter months as it is in the spring and summer. 

Many weeds take the time that Zoysia grass is in dormancy to jump into action and begin to put down firm roots.  Using a good weed killer like what can be found here,, will stop those weeds in their tracks and ensure that your Zoysia lawn comes out of winter weed-free!   In order to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, you should spot-treat existing weeds with targeted, spot post-emergent herbicides.

Some additional areas of maintenance that you can perform are fertilizing your cool-season grasses.  Also, removing or mulching fallen leaves will improve air flow and reduce disease risks in your lawn.

With proper year- round care, your lawn will not need much of a “spring cleanup” and will be ready for you to enjoy when the weather warms up.  Happy Holidays!