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Choosing a Grass

Zoysia Lawn image

    What is the right grass for you?

With so many different types of grasses available, how do you know what grass is right for you?  There are several different aspects you will need to consider.  First you need to decide what kind of grass you are going to plant.  Be sure to check on the different strains the grasses have; each one is a little different.

It is best to look at the main characteristic such as, how is the grass planted?- (seed, plugs, sod, etc.)  Consider what you want from your grass, such as color, maintenance, water requirements, growth pattern, blade size, dormancy, reproduction and durability, as well as cost.

It is important to check all of these aspects of the grass. 

  • Color – Some are a light green, deep green, dark green, blue green, etc.
  • Maintenance – How much is required? How frequent does the lawn need to be mowed, watered, fertilized, weed control applied, etc.?
  • Watering requirements – Is the grass drought resistant?  Does your area have water restrictions?  What is the average amount of water the grass requires?
  • Blade Size and texture – Do you want a thin blade, medium blade or wide blade? Do you want a grass that feels coarse, soft, or a grass that feels like carpet?
  • Growth pattern –  Is the grass a spreading grass or does it need to be reseeded each year?
  • Seasons – Do you want a grass that will stay green all summer? Then you want a warm weather grass. Do you want a cold weather grass that can brown out in summer during extreme heat but stays green in the winter?
  • Durability – How much wear-and-tear can the grass tolerate? Will it hold up to children and pets?
  • Slopes – Do you want a grass with low maintenance and good erosion control? Do you want to seed the area and hope the seeds take before washing away?

There is a lot to consider and research, however remember your lawn is something you will want to enjoy for a long time. The right decision can make a huge difference!