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Control that Pesty Weed

One of the most popular inquiries from our Customers is when to apply Weed Killers…

As soon as you see a weed emerging from the soil that is the time to start applying a Weed Control in early spring.

Pesty weeds may need to be done in stages and over possibly 2 seasons. Weeds develop and grow different times of the year and there are many different types of weeds. Weeds will develop seeds that can be moved by the wind, animals, birds and even by walking on the lawn. Weeds can develop in the spring, summer and fall.

Pre-emergent weed killer is to be applied before you actually see a live weed plant. This type of weed killer prevents weed seed from germinating. Pre-emergent can be applied to grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Post-emergent weed killer is to be applied once the weed emerges through the soil as a plant that you can actually see. Post-emergent can be applied to grassy and broadleaf weeds and anything green.

There are many different weed killers that are safe for use with Zoysia grass. Following the product instructions is key. The website has many different types of weed killers depending on the type of weeds in your lawn.

Additional information about weeds in a Zoysia lawn is just a phone call away

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