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Daylily Perennials Add Flare…

Adding beautiful colors alongside your Amazoy Meyer Zoysia lawn makes everything “POP”. Your neighbors will get envious. Daylilies are a trumpet of color for everyone. They are the cultivars for your garden.

Daylilies put a on a big show when planted in masses, and are ideal for adding color along home foundations in front of shrub plantings, or to just fill out a perennial garden.

Many varieties of daylilies from a single trumpet bloom to a frilly edged bloom. The daylily bloom usually only last 1 day, but, there are many more abundant blooms to follow.

Amazoy Meyer Zoysia Grass and Daylilies both have some of the same characteristics for planting. Daylilies are best to be planted early spring to fall, as like Zoysia grass plugs and they both need full sun and will both spread. The beautiful lush green of an Amazoy Zoysia lawn and the abundance of rich colors of daylilies work together beautifully,

The beautiful color of the daylilies whether as a backdrop or a garden is a great addition to your Amazoy Zoysia grass lawn.