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Fertilizer… (water soluble)

What is Fertilizer? A food for plants and lawns that contain a chemical substance that promotes growth and development.

Straight granular fertilizer is not recommended for Amazoy Zoysia. If the granular fertilizer is applied and not dissolved well with water, the granulars may lay on the blades of Zoysia and burn the plant.

Only water soluble is recommended for use on Zoysia lawns. Water soluble fertilizers are mixed with water then applied with a hose end sprayer attachment for application.

Recommended for newly planted plugs Nutri-20 Stim U Root Starter Fertilizer, the additional Phosphorus ingredient is key for root development.

We carry only the Original Nutri-20 that is formulated for the Amazoy Zoysia Grass. Our Nutri-20 chemical breakdown is 20 Nitrogen 0 Phosphorus 20 Potassium. Nutri 20 is recommended for established lawns.