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Fertilizing Before the Heat of Summer

There is still time to apply another application of fertilizer to keep your lawn strong and healthy during the hot summer heat.

Even though Amazoy zoysia grass will grow in virtually any soil from heavy clay to sandy, salty beach areas. It is obvious that your zoysia lawn will be its most luxurious and healthy if it is fertilized.

It is best to apply the fertilizer when the zoysia is at least 50% green and your daytime temperatures is below 85 degrees when applied. For zoysia lawns we recommend using a water soluble fertilizer

like Nutri-20 or the Liquid True Organic Fertilizer

If you are just starting a zoysia lawn, we recommend applying an application of our Nutri 20 when first planted and then again in 2 weeks, this will help them to take roothold and green up. You should not fertilize your lawn any sooner than every 2 weeks.

Many granular fertilizers found at local box stores can be harmful to zoysia lawns. Please be sure to read the label and follow the directions for proper application and to ensure it is safe for zoysia lawns.

To keep your zoysia lawn beautiful and healthy it is best to apply an application of fertilizer in May, June and September, as long as you apply the fertilizer when your temperature is less than 85 degrees and you do not apply it in the heat of the day.