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Fun Zoysia Facts

Around here, we’re quite passionate about Zoysia. That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to helping others enjoy it! One of the reasons we love Zoysia so much is that it’s a very unique and special grass.

Here are some fun facts we bet you didn’t know about your Zoysia lawn:

– Zoysia was originally a wild grass native to China before being recognized as a good, fast covering grass.

– Over 5,000 years ago, Zoysia was used to cover earthen grave sites so loved ones would have the covering of nature to protect them.

– Instead of just growing vertically like most grasses, Zoysia grows out. It forms a thick network of runners that fills your yard and creates a dense, arterial root system below ground.

– The way Zoysia grows out instead of up makes it very resilient to damage and able to fill in quickly if it does get hurt. This makes it popular in areas that take heavy abuse, such as golf courses and pathways.

– Zoysia can survive in extreme conditions, withstanding temperatures from 120˚ to –30˚ Fahrenheit. No other turf grass can survive such a range of temperature.

– Zoysia requires about two-thirds less mowing than other grasses. Awesome right?