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Gimme Nutrients

Lawn fertilizer works with important nutrients in grasses and plants. If you want a high quality lawn, then you should use a fertilizer to supplement and replenish nutrients naturally lost over time.

One way to put the required nutrients back into your lawn is by using a mulching lawn mower. Grass clippings are high in nitrogen, which is one of the most expensive and largest components of lawn fertilizer.  Many consumers bag up their lawn clippings and put them at the curb, essentially throwing away hundreds of dollars in fertilizer that could be used on their lawn.  Purchasing a good mulching lawn mower is one way to ensure that your lawn will need less fertilizer.

One very important fact when using grass clippings is that they need to be small enough to quickly turn to organic material.  If they are too big (you haven’t cut your lawn for a few weeks) they will sit on top of the grass blocking sunlight and promoting fungi.  Large amounts of grass clippings should be bagged instead of allowing them to sit on your lawn.

Nutri-20 fertilizer is specially formulated for Zoysia lawns but also grows bigger flowers, houseplants and greener bushes. One 5 lb bag covers 4,000 square feet of lawn. Liquid fertilizers like Nutri-20 are the most economical and least wasteful way to feed a lawn.  Check out the link for more info:

Overall, it is important to use some sort of fertilizer in your lawns and gardens. This will help your soil to replenish itself and allow your lawn and garden plants to remain lush and green.