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Grow Your Own Soil This Year!

Clay soil

Are you an avid gardener and want to get your hands dirty even in this cold weather? Did you know that you can grow your own soil? It is not too early to start prepping your lawn for the growing season. Over the years, erosion and degradation have caused yards to lose a good portion of their topsoil. Poorly managed and depleted soils can actually release carbon into the atmosphere. How about growing your own soil and creating a healthier environment this season?

            Growing your own soil is not a complicated process. You can do so in your very own yards and gardens. To stop erosion and start building soil quality, it is best to keep your soil covered with plants or mulches. Plant perennials instead of annuals whenever possible. Reduce foot and vehicular traffic to minimize soil compaction. Also, avoid working the soil when it is really wet. Build your soil and improve its quality by adding organic matter such as compost. Use a pH meter to get to know your soil to determine its nutritional values and needs before applying any additives such as fertilizers, lime, etc. By completing these tasks, you will achieve a much healthier lawn and even a healthier living environment.

            Topsoil contains minerals, gasses, liquids, organic matter, and living creatures that work together to create and sustain life in your yard. More importantly, our soil cleans, captures, and stores water, and it provides a habitat for creatures that play their own parts in having healthy plants and lawns. Healthier lawns lead to a healthier life. Because many organisms need soil to survive, including ourselves, why not protect it and grow it when we can? Get started today!