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How to Control the spreading of Amazoy Zoysia.

Zoysia is a spreading grass with stolon’s or runner’s from the sides that will spread out and into other territories, such as, flower beds, driveways, sidewalks or even your neighbor’s lawn.

There are several ways to prevent the spread of the Zoysia grass.

One of the most common ways to stop the spreading is to use a type of edging system. Such as, our 6″ Easy Edge Lawn Edging available in 20′ and 40′ foot lengths and edge down about 6 inches deep to put in place.

Or you may choose a more natural barrier, such as a small hedge row or a line of shrubbery. Zoysia does not do well with shade or under trees. This will act as a preventive for spreading.

Another way is to use an edging tool or even a shovel that can make a trench. If this process is performed it will need some maintenance. A trench will remain moist and collect water after a natural rain. This additional moisture and water is all things Zoysia grass does not like.

pointed shovel
edger tool
square shovel

You can use a liquid herbicide like Kleen Up to control the Zoysia that may have spread into unwanted areas. Carefully, following instructions on the product label and don’t overspray onto other areas.

Indiscriminant herbicides will kill whatever they come in contact with.