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“How to Read a Fertilizer Label”

We are going to explore each ingredient and what their purpose is. Zoysia Farm Nurseries have 2 specially formulated fertilizers; one for initial planting Stim U Root Starter 11-48-5 and one for established Zoysia Nutri 20 20-0-20.

Fertilizer contains the chemical elements that improve growth and productiveness of plants. Fertilizers unlock the natural fertility of the soil or replace chemical elements taken from the soil by previous plantings or crops. The standards for the labels are set by the government agency.

The label on the fertilizer bag contains important statutory information for transport, storage and handling, it is the chemical composition of the product.

All fertilizers have 3 bold numbers. These are the 3 primary ingredients in fertilizer, The 1st number is Nitrogen, 2nd number is Phosphorus and the 3rd number is Potassium. Nitrogen makes your lawn green and lush; Potassium makes your grass durable and resilient during stressful conditions; Phosphorus fosters strong root development over time. All are important for healthy plants.

Other ingredients listed on the label are called “MICRO NUTRIENTS” a “filler” in small quantities; beneficial for balanced growth.

Sulfur - Essential for plant growth functions.
Boron - Plays a key role in a diverse range of functions; movement of energy into growing parts of plants.
Copper - Required for many enzymatic activities in plants.
Iron -  Plays an essential role in oxidation, respiration and photosynthesis. 
Manganese - Essential for plant growth and development and sustains metabolic roles within plant cell compartments. 
Molybdenum - To improve the ability plants to take up and utilise nitrogen.
Zinc - An important nutrient for plants since it is involved in many key cellular functions. Essential for plant life.