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Is Aeration Necessary? Is it Beneficial?

Aeration is all about poking holes in your lawn’s soil to help water and nutrients better reach the root system. Aeration of Zoysia Grass is not necessary, but, it is beneficial to all turfgrass types not only Zoysia. Many lawn experts believe this is the single best thing a homeowner can do to improve the health of their lawn. The best time to aerate Zoysia is later in the spring or early summer during the growing season. Aeration depends on the type of soil and how healthy a lawn is. Aeration may be done every 1 to 3 years.

Aeration can be a do-it-yourself project but involves some manual labor or you can hire a professional.

There are different tools for aeration whether by hand using a manual tool, a spike aerator, core/plug aerator or rent a power aerator from an equipment rental company. Determining the type of aerator depends on the size of the lawn and how much labor of love you want to put into your lawn.