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It’s still brown…

Warm Season Grasses Return From Dormancy

In the early stages of Spring, customers are always excited to get a head start on planting their new Zoysia grass plugs. At this time of year the grass arrives brown and can be dry in what is called a dormant state. This is completely normal and fortunately not something to be concerned about.

Early in the season we ship Zoysia while it is still sleeping, so when you replant the grass in your lawn it comes out of dormancy the natural way. Shipping Zoysia this way puts the least amount of stress on the plant while in transit. Sometimes, when the grass is in transit, the dry dirt can even shift off of the plugs, but since the plugs are in deep sleep it causes no harm to the plant or the roots.

After planting the dormant plugs in your lawn, with warmer temperatures, they can begin to grow and flourish as they will receive the necessary nutrients from the soil you’re planting in. As long as the roots are planted and you follow the watering instructions, you will see growth once temperatures are consistently in the 50’s. Zoysia does everything slowly compared to most grasses.

Zoysia is amazingly resilient provided it is planted soon after arrival and follow the instructions for best results. Shipping your Zoysia grass when it appears its worst is actually the best for it.