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Zoysia Lawn image

            Zoysia is a very slow growing grass. Because of this, it reduces mowing by about two-thirds when compared to other grasses. You will not need to mow nearly as often because it does not grow tall quickly. Even though this makes lawn maintenance much easier, it is still important to mow Zoysia correctly during the growing season.

            It is best to change mowing directions each time that you mow. Because Zoysia is so dense, mowing in the same direction may leave ruts in your lawn over time. Changing directions will also lessen soil compaction caused by a walk-behind mower or a riding mower.

            Always mow with a sharp cutting blade. Dull blades can actually rip pieces off of the grass shoot rather than cut it, causing the grass tips to brown out. Start by checking your blades. If the edges are rounded, it is time to sharpen them.  Also, be sure to remove the debris and rust from underneath of your mower a few times during the season for better results.

            Rake or catch your grass clippings if necessary. If the Zoysia clumps when it is discharged, it should be removed. The grass can actually smother or kill the underlying grass and even encourage fungi and molds. More importantly, never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade when mowing. If it is very tall, cut off the top 1/3, let it recuperate for a few days, then mow again.

            Finally, get your Zoysia lawn ready for the winter months by mowing it to 1 ½” to 1 ¾”. In the spring, this will allow sunlight to reach the soil, causing the Zoysia to come out of dormancy faster.

            Even though Zoysia is very low maintenance, following these mowing tips will allow your lawn to be even healthier during this growing season as well as the next. If you take the time to complete these tasks, it will definitely pay off.