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… Let’s Talk Watering

Amazoy Zoysia is very draught resistant, but, in extreme cases needs to be watered. A few key things to keep in mind are the amounts of shade and sun in your yard, recent weather conditions and your type of soil. Zoysia will only need approximately 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches per week; most of the water will come from Mother Nature’s natural rain, 2 inches in extreme heat with no natural rain occurrence.

Local situations matter. Warmer and sunnier climates are hotter and the water will evaporate faster. Sandy soils do not hold moisture as long. Clay soils hold water but need a slow application of water to retain the water. Compacted soil increases the chance of water running off and not being absorbed.

Examples to water:

  • Soil is dry and cracked.
  • The blades of grass look stressed and wilted.
Moisture Meter
On-the-spot moisture measurement

Examples of over watering:

  • If your grass squishes a few hours after watering
  • Dying patches of grass
  • Abundance of broadleaf weeds
  • Thatch
  • Fungal growth like mushrooms
  • Yellowing grass