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Mild Winter Affecting Your Lawn?

While mild winters can be great, they can sometimes lead to issues with your lawn. With proper care, you can still have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood when summer comes. A mild winter can lead to weeds getting a head start sooner than expected, and even a fungal turf disease might appear. Never fear, Zoysia Farm Nurseries is here!

Weeds this year have the possibility of coming much earlier than we are used to. Much of this is because of warm weather followed by moist conditions, giving the weeds an early start. Pre-emergent barriers applied now can cut down on annual weeds. Don’t be concerned if you do not get pre-emergent down in time because we carry many post-emergent weed killers as well.  All of these products can be found on our website for your use, The earlier you attack the weeds, the better the results.

Another issue that can come up after a mild winter is fungal turf disease.  Fungal turf disease or brown patch can result from mild winters as the conditions of warm and wet weather are ideal for its appearance. This disease is first noticed as a yellow to orange tinge of the grass blades in a more or less circular patch and can leave small areas of green grass in the center of your circle.  This fungal disease does not always kill the grass but does damage the grass blades. We carry the Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide on our website to treat this unsightly grass disease.

Areas with heavy thatch are also a concern in your early spring lawn. Too much thatch leads to many issues for a lawn, not the least of which are weeds and fungal diseases.  Help your lawn by treating heavy thatch with our Liquid Thatch Remover

The early appearance of spring is a time to celebrate as it means it is almost time for summer barbecues and outdoor fun. With the right treatment, you can ensure that your lawn is as ready for the summer as you are.