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Not So Lucky Clover Invasion

            Are you struggling to keep clover out of your lawn? White clover is a perennial, broadleaf weed that tends to thrive in under-nourished lawns. This happens because it produces its own nitrogen. Various mowing heights and wide ranges of environments do not seem to bother clover. Clover is also a prolific seed producer, which explains why it returns year after year. While this pesky weed tries to invade your lawn, there are ways to stop clover in its path.

            Because clover is a perennial, pre-emergent herbicides will help prevent it from coming up but will not stop clover. Post-emergents must be used and can frequently be found at any local hardware store, as clover tends to be a common issue in lawns. Here at Zoysia Farms, we sell some weed killers that are Zoysia-safe and will also help to get rid of clover that is trying to invade your lawn. Here is a link to those products: Usually, weed killers to get rid of clover will include ingredients like: fluroxypyr, triclopyr, quinclorac, and dicamba. Just be sure that whatever product you are using is safe for your grass type.

            Overall, Zoysia is a very hardy grass and can choke out clover. Because Zoysia goes dormant after your first hard freeze, clover and other winter weeds may try to pop up in your grass while it is sleeping. If you notice the white flowers and the leaves in sets of 3, hop on them early in spring to get a head start on getting rid of them!