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Oh the weather outside is frightful…

With the holiday season quickly approaching and the wintry temperatures settling in, there is still time to help your Zoysia lawn and here are a few tasks that you can work on right now.

Top dressing lawns have become a popular practice to improve soil condition. It results in a more beautiful lawn as it helps to produce healthier and greener grass through the application of a thin natural, organic mulch. This mulch can help control thatch, preventing weed growth and even helping to grow your soil by adding nutrients.  For a Zoysia lawn, no more than ¼ inch should be applied at a time.

Good soil helps to stop erosion and build plant quality. By starting to build and maintain the soil quality you already have, you will ensure that your lawn is in the best condition possible.   

Another tip for building a healthy yard is to make sure to remove leaves in the fall. Permitting leaves to stay on your lawn can allow for moisture to accumulate and is a breeding ground for fungus and disease.  After removing leaves but before the first freeze it is also a good time to aerate your lawn.  Aerating your lawn in the fall ensures excellent stimulation and root growth of your lawn before winter dormancy settles in. Also only actively growing plants need fertilizer at this time of year.  For a Zoysia lawn this should be done in the Spring.

Late fall is an ideal time to be testing your pH level. Using the pH meter before adding lime or sulfur helps make sure that you are only adding what is necessary. The pH meter can be found on our website at

Caring for your lawn by doing tasks like top dressing, removing leaves and checking your pH are all ways to ensure that in the Spring you will have the most beautiful Zoysia lawn on the block.

Happy Holidays from Zoysia Farm Nurseries!

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and neighbors. This Holiday Season our  Health Centers and Offices will be closed: Tuesday, December 24th,  Wednesday, December 25th and Wednesday, January 1st- Happy New