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Pick the Best Grass for Your Yard and Reduce Using Chemicals

Are you tired of using lawn chemicals to resolve problems in your lawn?

Clay soil

Grow Your Own Soil This Year!

Are you an avid gardener and want to get your hands dirty even in this cold weather? Did you know …

Brown grass in lawn image

Out With the Brown, In With the Green

Are you tired of your Zoysia lawn turning brown during the winter months? Do you just want your lawn to …


Keep Calm and Mow Your Lawn

As we are nearing the end of the Zoysia season, you will want to be sure you are keeping your …

Super plug Hands with Dirt-Plug

How Long Will It Take for My Zoysia Lawn to be Complete?

Zoysia is a slow-growing grass however, once established, can have endless benefits. The good news is that Zoysia is also …

Crabgrass image

Preventing Invasive Crabgrass in Your Zoysia Lawn:

Each year, many homeowners struggle to eliminate the crabgrass that has appeared throughout their lawns, particularly where the lawn meets …


What Do the Three Numbers on Fertilizer Stand For?

Have you ever wondered what the three numbers on your bag of fertilizer stand for? The three bold numbers represent …

Lawn flooding problems

When It Rains It Pours: Problems with Lawn Flooding

Last year, many Zoysia lawns were super saturated by the amount of rainfall that occurred throughout the country. Many of …


5 Point Checklist for Finding a Zoysia Lawn Care Expert

Sometimes landscape, lawn-care, and garden professionals are not familiar with Zoysia grass and the proper care and planting procedure. Many …

web grass picture

Removing Zoysia from Unwanted Areas

Has your Zoysia started invading areas that you did not want it to? Do not worry because there is a …

fall leaves

Fall Maintenance for Zoysia

Zoysia is a very low-maintenance grass. Once established, there is little that you need to do to keep your Zoysia …


Is that Rust on My Lawn?

Have you been noticing an orange or yellowish powder on your grass blades? If so, it is possible that “rust” …