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Grass DNA

The Right One for You

As homeowners, our goal is to not only keep our lawns alive and vibrant, but also to help sustain our …


Gimme Nutrients

Lawn fertilizer works with important nutrients in grasses and plants. If you want a high quality lawn, then you should …

pH meter

Soil Testing is Worth the Effort

It is helpful to check the pH of your ground before planting Zoysia or different grasses and plants. Also, check …

Zoysia Lawn image

Lawn and Order

            Zoysia is a very slow growing grass. Because of this, it reduces mowing by about two-thirds when compared to …

man mowing lawn

Stay Sharp

Start your growing season right by doing some quick and easy pre-season maintenance. One of the most used tools in …


Not So Lucky Clover Invasion

            Are you struggling to keep clover out of your lawn? White clover is a perennial, broadleaf weed that tends …

Trusted Service Award - feefo

Zoysia Farm Nurseries: 2020 feefo Service Award Winner

For years we have received letters from customers telling us about their Zoysia lawns and the experience of working with …


Mild Winter Affecting Your Lawn?

While mild winters can be great, they can sometimes lead to issues with your lawn. With proper care, you can …

web grass picture

You Can Have it All: Multiple Grasses or Plants May be the Answer:

Often times, people try to find one specific grass that will solve all of their lawn issues. Unfortunately, it is …


Pick the Best Grass for Your Yard and Reduce Using Chemicals

Are you tired of using lawn chemicals to resolve problems in your lawn?

Clay soil

Grow Your Own Soil This Year!

Are you an avid gardener and want to get your hands dirty even in this cold weather? Did you know …

Brown grass in lawn image

Out With the Brown, In With the Green

Are you tired of your Zoysia lawn turning brown during the winter months? Do you just want your lawn to …