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What is sustainability? By definition sustainability is the act of decreasing the use of natural resources in order to maintain environmental balance. There is growing

Review Feedback…

At Zoysia Farms Nurseries we encourage customer’s to write a review; Good or Bad. The reviews help us to improve on our Products and our

Two types of Seasonal Grass.

Grass varieties come in many shapes and colors. They can look quite different from each other. All climates are different, as well, as the type

Control that Pesty Weed

One of the most popular inquiries from our Customers is when to apply Weed Killers… As soon as you see a weed emerging from the

What is a Grub???

What are grubs? They are immature form of many species of beetles, including the Japanese beetle. They appear in the soil as C-shaped, white and

Frequently Asked Questions…

The majority of our customers are very successful, however there are always questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions: Q: When is it

Save on your water bill

Our Amazoy Zoysia grass is drought tolerant and will thrive in hot and dry conditions. One benefit of our Zoysia grass is its ability to

Oh No Is That a Weed?

Although Zoysia grass chokes out most summer weeds, there are times that you might find they have invaded your space.  A well-nourished lawn helps the

Do I have enough Sun for Zoysia?

Amazoy Myers Zoysia prefers full sun, but it tolerates light shade. As long as the grass receives 2-3 hours of direct sunlight (not filtered through