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Do I have enough Sun for Zoysia?

Amazoy Myers Zoysia prefers full sun, but it tolerates light shade. As long as the grass receives 2-3 hours of direct sunlight (not filtered through

It’s still brown…

In the early stages of Spring, customers are always excited to get a head start on planting their new Zoysia grass plugs. At this time

7 Fall Lawn Care Ideas

While caring for your lawn is a year round job there are a few tasks that you should tackle when the air is crisp and

Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions… While most customers are successful, there are always some questions.  Here are some of the most frequent questions:   Ideal planting times

Save Time, Work & Money

Save Time, Work & Money… Many of our advertisements say that Amazoy zoysia grass saves time, work and money.  That really refers to what an

What do I do now?

Weeds are an unfortunate part of daily life when dealing with any lawn.  Although Zoysia grass chokes out most summer weeds, there are times that