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Methods to Start or Switch to a Zoysia Lawn – Part One

One of the biggest decisions in starting or switching your lawn to a zoysia lawn is deciding on which method …


The Benefits of a Nice Lawn When Selling Your House

Curb appeal of a house is often reflected in the aesthetics and functionality of your lawn. This can determine whether …


A Few Final Chores Before Enjoying the Holidays

The season is winding down. Many of us are looking forward to sitting back and relaxing during the winter months, …

lower carbon dioxide

Amazoy Zoysia Grass and the Environment

Most people don’t realize that by planting Amazoy zoysia grass you are helping the environment. Lawns look beautiful but the …

fall 2

Zoysia Grass In The Fall

There may be changes in your Zoysia lawn with the approaching colder weather. As the ground temperatures slowly drop or …


What Are These Vines Growing In My Zoysia Grass:?

If you have a Zoysia lawn this is what you want to see! These vines are called stolons. Please do …


Zoysia Grass Is Great for Hills, Slopes and Banks

                    That horrible ugly hill!! I can’t seem to keep any …


Not Tending To This Could Destroy Your Lawn

Have you ever noticed the dead plant material like leaves and stems that builds up between the soil and the …


Converting a Regular Lawn into a Zoysia Lawn

Converting a regular lawn to a zoysia lawn using plugs is a good home project that is not as difficult …


Answers to the Importance of Applying Lime to a Lawn

To understand the importance of applying lime to your lawn you need to know what lime actually is and when …


Tired of Fighting Weeds all Summer – Try This

It won’t be long until those ugly weeds start sprouting up in lawns. You can get a handle on the …


Brown Patches in My Lawn

What is causing brown patches to show up in my zoysia lawn? It was doing really well a few months …