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Pick the Best Grass for Your Yard and Reduce Using Chemicals


Are you tired of using lawn chemicals to resolve problems in your lawn? You have come to the right place! Amazoy Meyer Zoysia can provide a low maintenance way to solve many issues you have with your lawn. Many chemicals can be harmful to the environment and the establishing of our Zoysia may reduce or even eliminate the use of many chemicals in your lawn.

            Zoysia is a very hardy grass and once fully established, it has the ability to choke out most summer weeds and other competitive grasses. This cuts down on using weed killers on your grass during the Zoysia’s growing season. Because Zoysia usually takes 2-3 growing seasons to completely fill-in and overtake your lawn, we do have some Zoysia-safe weed killers you may use in the meantime; here is a link to those products:

Overall, Zoysia is known as a very low maintenance grass. It can eliminate the need for you to use certain lawn chemicals on your yard, and you can achieve a beautiful, easy-care lawn. Every little bit helps!

Eliminating the competition of weeds will help a new Zoysia lawn to fill in more quickly. Additionally, Zoysia is very pest tolerant, which will usually eliminate the need for using insecticides and other preventative products.