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Removing the Core

One of the best things you can do for any lawn, including a Zoysia lawn, is aeration.  Aeration of your soil assists in root growth and helps to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. One of the main reasons for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction; it can also reduce water runoff and puddles, enhance thatch breakdown and promote stronger turf grass roots.  

Two types of aerators that you can use are spike aerators and plug/core aerators.  Spike aerators use a roller with solid spikes to puncture the soil and create spaces for air and water. Plug/core aerators use hollow tines to remove plugs of soil which leave small gaps in the soil.   Plug/core aerators can provide better results as they actually remove the plugs of soil. Spike aerators can cause additional compaction in the area of the soil around where it is punctured. Look for aerating tools or machines that remove soil plugs approximately 2”-3” deep, 0.5”- 0.75” in diameter and about 2”-3” apart.

You can rent aerating machines from lawn/garden stores, home improvement centers or contact a local lawn service.  If made a part of your lawn care routine, aeration is one low-cost way to ensure that you will have a beautiful lawn for years to come.