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Review Feedback…

At Zoysia Farms Nurseries we encourage customer’s to write a review; Good or Bad. The reviews help us to improve on our Products and our Services.

A review is available to our “web order” customer’s. Once the order is placed you will receive an email requesting a review that you can complete at your convenience:

Here are a few Quotes” from 2022 reviews:

  • Zoysia Farms provided great service and product. They tried to accommodate my delivery date and were helpful over the phone during the ordering process. The Zoysia grass arrived in NJ late April, and it was brown (dormant) and looked dead. I planted the grass and after a few weeks in May, it was all green and slowly growing. The grass took off in July and August with many rhizomes and stolons shooting out from the main plant. I feed it Miracle Grow general purpose liquid fertilizer once a week starting in July through September and it filled in about 75% of the area when planted 18″ apart. I ordered the 3×3 super plugs. I already order another batch for next year. Thank you Zoysia Farms!

Merchant reply: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and tell us of your results so far. Glad you followed the planting instructions and ignored the look of the plants. Zoysia is amazingly resilient but the key is always to plant the plugs and give them a chance to come out of dormancy and turn into a beautiful lawn. The hardest part sometimes is getting people to read the instructions. Guilty of that myself!

  •  Just placed the order and I haven’t received the plugs yet. How can they ask for a review?

Merchant reply: We believe it is important to get feedback right from the start to make sure the ordering process went satisfactory and there are not any remaining questions or concerns. There is no urgency on our part to have a review but there is a desire to make sure everything is going well from the start point of placing an order to a beautiful Zoysia lawn. We trust your one star review is not a reflection of the service so far but your reaction to us asking.

  • I received my plugs in great condition, ready to plant and exactly what I ordered. The website is well organized and easy to navigate. Everything you need to be successful is available on the site. I look forward to working with Zoysia Farms in the future.

Merchant reply: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our product and the ordering process through the site. Very much appreciated. We look forward to helping you with your project. We are open year round both by email and phone to answer any questions you might have. anytime or 410-756-2311 M-F from 8 to 4 eastern. Thanks again.