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Save on your water bill

Our Amazoy Zoysia grass is drought tolerant and will thrive in hot and dry conditions. One benefit of our Zoysia grass is its ability to stay thick and green with much less water than many other types of grasses. If you must water any lawn the ideal time is in the morning, preferably before noon. This allows the grass to dry before nightfall, reducing the risk of disease. Many established Zoysia lawns never require watering.

Newly planted plugs are a slight exception to this. The grass only needs to be watered daily for the first three weeks (just a light mist) initially after planting. Once the first 21 days are up, you then want to stop watering daily and let the sun and the heat take over.  By lightly watering the new plugs it stimulates the plant and encourages root development. To maximize growth of Zoysia grass, the plug roots should not be saturated. Under-watering can be just as harmful, so if you are unsure whether or not you need to water your lawn, a handy tool we offer on our website is our moisture meter. It is easy to read and will give you instant results.

If you follow our easy planting/care instructions that are included in your order, your grass will flourish and you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood. Before you know it, everyone will be stopping by complimenting your beautiful lawn.