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Save Time, Work & Money

Save Time, Work & Money…

Many of our advertisements say that Amazoy zoysia grass saves time, work and money.  That really refers to what an established Zoysia lawn will do year after year with less mowing, less maintenance and less financial demand for products to keeps it looking its best. 

Our Freestyle plugs are designed to also do that right from the start of the project to transition your yard to a Zoysia lawn.  Here’s how:

Save on the work

Because you can plant Zoysia plugs into an existing lawn there is no need to remove what is there.  This saves a lot of work over seed or sod which has to be planted on bare soil after all the vegetation has been taken out.

With Freestyle plugs you can cut the plugs any size or shape you want.  Each sheet is about one square foot.  Some choose to do no cutting and just plant the sheets as is. Plugs can be cut as small as 1 square inch.  That’s lot more work!  Many pick something in between, but that is the freestyle part, you decide how much work to put into the project.

Save Time  

If you want a Zoysia lawn sooner rather than later you can plant the plugs closer together.  The closer they are planted the sooner they will spread to fill in and give you a beautiful Zoysia lawn.  A lot depends on Mother Nature and the length of the growing season in your area.  We say on average, it takes 2-3 complete growing seasons when a one inch plug is planted one foot apart to spread and fill in completely.  Everything in nature is variable so it can be quicker in some areas and longer in others.  However, bigger plugs or planting closer together will save time in getting to a beautiful Zoysia lawn.  With Freestyle plugs you decide.

Save Money

Planting Zoysia plugs is a great Do- It-Yourself project.  That is going to save you money right away! The Freestyle plugs will allow you to save even more.  Each sheet of grass can cover up to 150 square feet of your existing yard.  That does require more work and time but you will certainly save lots of money.

The planting of Freestyle plugs will save all three right from the start but you will have to choose how much of each is important to you.  The nice thing is, in the long run your established Zoysia lawn will continue to save you time, work and money every year for decades to come.