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So many choices…

Is this the year you renovate your lawn? If the answer is yes then next big question is – do it yourself or hire someone else to do it.  If the latter, start getting some quotes from local landscape companies on doing the job for you.  Get going early as they are busiest in the spring.  They will do it all and be happy to arrange weekly maintenance for years to come.

However, if you are more of a do- it-yourselfer, Zoysia is a low maintenance variety (less mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizer) might be a good choice.  A Zoysia lawn can be established either by planting plugs, a kind of starter plant, into an existing lawn or by seed on a cleared area. 

About Plugs

There are two types of Zoysia grass plugs that are an economical choice when planting a Zoysia lawn.  Our Amazoy Freestyle and Amazoy Super plugs can be planted in any existing lawn and have a full replacement guarantee.  Our Freestyle plugs can be cut into whatever size best fits your needs.  They are less expensive.  Our Super plugs are less labor intensive because they arrive pre- cut for you, saving both time and work. You can take your plugs right from the box and plant them after making the holes.  Plugs typically takes about 2-3 years for plugs to fill in completely but this can be lessened if they are planted closer together.

About Seed

Seed can be a good alternative to plugs but keep in mind plugs are generally a more economical choice when planting a Zoysia lawn.  Starting a lawn from seed is relatively fast way to create exactly the type of outdoor environment you want when you are looking for a total renovation of a large area into a beautiful Zoysia lawn.   Seed needs to be planted in bare soil.  All vegetation must be removed from the area to be seeded and it is not possible to “over-seed” using Zoysia seed.

There are many different ways you can achieve an Amazoy Zoysia lawn. The key is finding what is best for you.  We are always available to help you make good decisions about your Zoysia lawn.