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Soil Testing is Worth the Effort

It is helpful to check the pH of your ground before planting Zoysia or different grasses and plants. Also, check periodically afterward to ensure that your ground maintains the necessary nutrients for the plants to flourish.  Testing your soil is important as it helps to optimize the growth and look of your lawn.  Diagnosing problems with your pH helps keep a balance in the makeup of your soil and saves you money by only applying the amount of fertilizer that is truly needed!    The pH of the soil for Zoysia should be between 6-7. You can check these levels by taking a sample of your soil to your local county agricultural extension office or by simply purchasing a pH meter and testing it yourself.  Here is a link to our pH meter:  

After testing the soil, if needed, you can add lime to raise the pH or sulfur to lower pH. There is never a wrong time to test your soil.  You should test your soil at least every three years in order to make informed decisions about augmenting your soil.  Keep in mind, different areas of a yard will have different pH levels as individual plants and trees will alter it differently.  Take readings in various areas of your yard for the best understanding of your soil.