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What is sustainability? By definition sustainability is the act of decreasing the use of natural resources in order to maintain environmental balance. There is growing awareness of climate change and potential damage to our environment. Many individuals are looking to contribute their part by going green. This task may seem daunting at first but everyone’s small contribution in helping the environment goes a long way!

How does Zoysia grass play into all of this? Well, Zoysia was first discovered in the 1900’s and has been recognized for its minimal needs of water and other inputs while growing thick and full. Zoysia grass requires less water compared to other grasses and remains naturally green all summer long. Zoysia grass is a heat-tolerant warm weather grass but is also tough enough to survive the harsh conditions of winter weather making it an ideal transitional weather grass. With its slow growth rate, Zoysia requires less mowing and the use of environmentally damaging products. With Zoysia’s sustainable characteristics, any homeowner can do a little bit to help our environment year after year.