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The Right One for You

As homeowners, our goal is to not only keep our lawns alive and vibrant, but also to help sustain our environment.  There is not one single grass that is best. Some do better in wet conditions and others in dry.  Knowing the characteristics of your lawn and what your goals are will help you to make the best choice when picking the grass you want to use. Familiarizing yourself with which grass type does well in your yard and the care required for each type of grass will help you to make the most informed decision.

Zoysia grass is recognized as being one of the most drought-resistant grasses available. It does well in full sun and because it is drought tolerant, greatly reduces the need for supplemental watering and puts money back into the wallet of the consumer.   A home with a beautiful, well-manicured lawn helps to absorb the heat of the summer.  This can reduce the air temperature around the home by several degrees and reduce the cost to cool it.

A beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be overly expensive, environmentally harmful, or back-breaking. With the right grass type that is suitable to your area’s conditions, you will be on your way to a beautiful lawn.  Zoysia grass is a great choice for most areas but not all.  Putting in the right grass for your area is the first step towards creating a beautiful and sustainable lawn.  Working with your yard is easier then restructuring it.  For example, planting shade grass or ground cover rather than cutting down trees and planting sun-loving grasses in open areas are ways to help your lawn to look its best with minimal work.