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Two types of Seasonal Grass.

Grass varieties come in many shapes and colors. They can look quite different from each other. All climates are different, as well, as the type of grass you have in your lawn.

However, there are only two types of grass, warm and cool season. Warm season grass (Zoysia is one) thrives in the warm hot season; loves the sun and heat. Cool grasses are the opposite of Zoysia they grow best in early spring and late fall.

Amazoy Meyer Zoysia grass is a spreading warm season grass than can choke out almost every type of grass. Zoysia is better at crowding out cool season grasses during the heat of summer. Warm season grasses being of the same type present more of a challenge, but, Zoysia is up to it. Keep in mind, Zoysia is a slow growing grass, but, overtime the benefits will last a lifetime.

Amazoy Meyer Zoysia