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We love your feedback

Zoysia Farm Nurseries

Until two years ago we never really asked customers for feedback on their experience with Amazoy Zoysia.  We always loved getting the occasional picture or glowing report about a lawn, which we added to the testimonial area on our website.

All that changed when we actively asked every customer to provide us feedback on their experiences with us as a company and Zoysia grass as a lawn via Feefo reviews.  Hundreds responded.  Every review we get back is published for all to see.  The reviews have definitely helped us to get better and here are a few that we particularly appreciated…

 “I have bought my Zoysia from Zoysia Farms for over 30 years. Each experience was improved over the last since technology and their website has also improved to give customers a better experience.  But the things that were unchanged were the most important-the best product and unsurpassed friendly personalized service.”

“I have been ordering from them …Zoysia Farms…for more than 5 years and have had no problems with my shipments or the advice they have shared with me.  My grass is healthy and happy.”

“Pleasantly surprised, the zoysia grass arrived very well packed and arrived in very good condition.  Complete with very easy to understand planting instructions.”

 “Service was excellent.  Received our order in a very timely manner.  We had 70 plus plugs and never lost one.  Just follow the instructions that comes with your order…we were very pleased.  They were easy to place…we used a 3 inch trowel and made a 3 inch square and lifted the old grass out very easily and placed the plug, stepped on it like instructed, very easy…would highly recommend.”

“Perfect order and service.  Grass looked great. I’ve been dealing with you for several years and will continue to do business with you in the future”.

“Still the best option for grass in my opinion.  Plants have always arrived healthy enough to survive transplantation and the plants last much longer than any other option in my area.  Even with the drought we experience here locally the transplanted plugs went dormant and came back after watering.  Most grass won’t do that.”

“I ordered nearly 300 super plugs back in May and planted per instructions.  It rained non-stop and was cool here in Western NC for days extending a couple of weeks. The plugs were dormant when planted and never emerged out of dormancy.  The company helped with suggestions on-line and over the phone.  When the plugs did not emerge from dormancy, it was determined that the weather and excessive rain was the culprit.  They honored their guarantee and sent a new shipment at no cost.  So far, so good with the new plugs.  Thank you!”