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What are Fairy Rings?

A circular area of grass that is darker in color than the surrounding grass due to the growth

of certain fungi. A partial circular ring can also occur. Varying in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter.

Images of Fairy Rings

Different Stages

The cause of fairy rings is that the fungi spread through spores by wind or water. They can develop in poor soils and heavy thatch. The rings are caused by an individual fungus growing underground; the fungi are not attacking the grass directly.

Brown Circles: Occur when the fungi become dense depleting the turf of nutrients and water.

Dark Green Rings: Side effect of nitrogen being released as the fungi breakdown.

Mushroom: Effect appears after extended rain.

Organic for use on funguses, mold, and mildew.

Fairy rings can be eliminated if you remove the turf and root zone with the soil containing the mass. If only mushrooms appear they can be raked off and disposed of.

The easiest control is to spray the area with our Organic Copper Fungicide.