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What do you mean Dollar Spot? No Gambling Rule Here.

Dollar Spot is a fungal disease. This fungus affects turf grass commonly seen in creeping grasses; like Zoysia and can also affect other types of grasses.

This fungus starts as a small silver dollar sized patch approximately 1 – 2 inch in diameter and will spread into large irregular patches. Hence, this is where the name came from, it is true to its name. It is part of an invasive fungus that has branches or fibers like a spider web that are in thatch and soil. This cobweb growth will appear between the blades of grass. This fungus may look harmless, but, it can damage your grass down to the roots.

This fungus disease can occur late spring through fall. Most damage occurs in June and July when temperatures are at a consistent 70 – 90 degree temperatures. This fungus is more prevalent when the grass is deficient in nutrients; as well as cut short. Compacted soil, excessive build up of thatch and drought stress will also increase the susceptibility. Periods of wet and heavy dews can also create the ideal conditions for this disease to grow. Warm moist conditions are the ideal environment for any fungus to develop.

Grass blades that are affected will look water soaked and have yellow spots ringed in reddish brown. A yellow-tan silver dollar spot size.

The best way to eliminate this fungus is to use a fungicide like our approved for use on Zoysia; Organic Copper Fungicide

To keep it under control and from coming back; fertilize, eliminate thatch and aerate your lawn.

Basically, practice good lawn care and keep a happy healthy lawn.